Shop-Go-Round and Neverending Talent Contest

The shootings come every day now. Can you remember when they were shocking? They are no  longer shocking. They come two and three and five times a day, all over the country. Murder suicides are an American phenomenon. We lead the world in them, and in other shootings. We shoot on sight, kill kill kill, anything that doesn’t agree with us. Then we watch shootings on TV.  Well, there’s no shortage of it. You can’t turn on anything without a shooting being reported. Every media now has new assaults before the old ones’ blood is dry.

Self-promotion that’s the gig, get a million votes and become a star. It’s an ego contest, with all the glory going to feed the winning egos. We pump up a few people—so called winners—and the rest can go to hell. And those that are considered the rest limp around looking for their lucky break, lotto ticket, fifteen minutes of fame or an appearance on a game or reality show. We’re all like processed food, loaded full with preservatives and coloring and salt and churned out into the everyday to fill waiting lines and malls and fill traffic jams and jobs at computers and comprise crowds at events that celebrate the same useless crap of life—processed music and formulaic movies and cardboard food and phony religious leaders at money-sucking churches and censored news and information that urges you to care and get involved and contribute and be your best and kill the enemy.


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