I can’t help noticing how sick and insane you all are. Am I the only sane one left? You are watching too much TV and Net and believing it, and amazingly, convinced that you must be informed of all that you can do nothing about. The media is now a distortion tool, nothing more. There is no truth there. But you love screens.

Who told you to watch the news? What difference does it make if you do not watch it? None at all, I know, I quit the news. National, international, local, I don’t need any of it. I quit paying attention to the liars, the criminal acts, the murders and the hate. It’s all delivered with a chatty smile, while you sense that the news anchor herself is in someone’s gunsite. They tease you with bytes about violence and death and then joke about the weather.

The rest of what they tell you is false. Anything you learn yourself is also suspect. The Internet has blurred the truth or falseness of all news. Though there are sources striving to be accurate and truthful, how could you know? Many are devoted to lying. They dream up fake PR. They make up favorable news for their particular cause and circulate it, like an oil company’s good deeds and community support. How can the viewer/reader discern the lies? We can’t. Or, we spend all our time trying to verify the unverifiable.

With the delivery system open to all, everything has changed. Without a trusted source, we have nothing to believe. Your decision now is the same as my decision. That is what scares me. I see through the false front of the media all around me, but you, perhaps, do not. I worry that you will do something stupid due to your belief in the phony, edited, Photo-shopped, video spliced and byte merged electronic media universe you believe in. Yes, news has become entertainment and vice versa. What effect it’s had on our new world of interactors is just becoming measurable. It’s being fed back to us in the new info-chip reality. We’ve all become inter-actors. Add a web cam to anything. We’re all on display, and it’s obvious that’s where we all so desire to be.

Every one of you probably has your ego cam on right now.  We’re all striving to go viral. The whole world’s an electronic stage. It’s building to that day when the All-Cam will have everything covered.


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